Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tattoo and the Bible

Here is a good look at the scripture regarding tattoos by Chuckk Gerwig:Tattoo and the Bible


Aaron said...

A most excellent read!

Ally said...

Thank you for sharing that link. I've wondered about this very issue, but I've never studied it since I have no desire to get a tatoo. I certainly am grateful that we're no longer under the law, tattoos or not.

Douglas said...

Interesting. As with most things, folks that don't like something or are scared of something hide behind one ittty bitty blurb in the bible. I understand the concept of your body as a temple and as the son of a Southern Baptist Deacon, I always wondered why I saw so many fat temples in the congregation. Or temples smoking carcinogens. NO ALCOHOL though...NO NO NO. lol. I think the bible is grossly misinterpreted in many, many, many instances. The real question is how do you feel about it. You're the one that would have to answer to God right? I think you're safe.

And hey...why no Daytona post?

Combatscoot said...

I totally agree. That whole "body as your temple" scripture is thrown around way too much. The author was talking about not defiling your body by sleeping with a(pagan)temple prostitute. It said nothing about body decoration.

Allen Madding said...

Billy - here's my Daytona post: