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How to do You De-stress?

 de-stress /dēˈstres/ verb verb: destress relax after a period of work or tension. "others come simply to de-stress and to enjoy the exercise and relaxation classes" - Google Dictionary There are a great number of recommended de-stress exercises that I have read about or that have been suggested to me over the years. Going to the beach, on a cruise, a long drive, or a weekend in the mountains always works, but their not quickly accessible options all the time. Sometimes you need to be able to take a quick break, regain your composure, re-center, reset your perspective, and return to work. When I worked in Roswell, GA several years ago, there was a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop about 3 blocks from my job. When things got hectic and I needed a break, I would walk over, get a cup of coffee, and a hot sugary blessing from God, and then return back to the job. When I moved to Saint Pete and began working in Tampa, sometimes it was a short walk over to Starbucks for a flat white. But