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Forsyth County Sheriff's Office 8th Annual Poker Dice Run

Forsyth County Sheriff's Office 8th Annual Poker Dice Run (the Sgt. David Land Memorial Ride) to benefit Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes Sunday Sept 21, 2008 First Bike out 9:30am Last Bike out 11am Ride starts and ends at Stars and Strikes, HWY 9, Cumming, GA more info: Capt. Frank Huggins 770-781-3045 emial: fahuggins(at)

Born ToBe Wild - Charity Ride

XL Born to be Wild Sunday Aug 10, 3pm 3006 Martha Berry HWY Rome, GA Proceeds benefit "XL Gives Back" to help with remodeling and construction on homes for families in need in Floyd County. Born to be Wild - Ride Info I'm in, who's with me?

Add Another Ride to Our Midst

One of our local blogger-family members bought himself a used beemer today. I'll leave you to guess who. Here is a pic of his "new" ride...

Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Everytime I've set in a riding class or a a riding safety presentation, the instructor/presenter at some point always stresses that it is imperative when riding a motorcycle that you have to stay alert. Communting on a motorcycle in a large city reminds one daily why that is important. A couple of months ago, I set in a riding safety presentation presented by a deputy sheriff from Tampa, FL. He related an incident where he had been riding and turned a corner on a city street. Suddenly he was on his back sliding on the asphalt. He hadn't seen anything on the road surface. He hadn't been struck by another automobile. Once he was up on his feet trying to determine what had happened, he smelled diesel fuel. He realized that although he couldn't see it, there was spilled fuel in the interection that had caused his spill. Last week, I turned at an intersection and Rosie flinched in the middle of the interection and a quick instinct move righted us. In my mind I was thinking &

What NOT to do

Crazy Biker On Cellphone Lying Down - Watch more free videos

Atlanta Botanical Garden

One of the best kept secrets of Atlanta beauty is the Atlanta Botanical Garden . My wife and I celebrated our fourth anniversary July 3rd. Our wedding was held in the Japanese Garden in the Atlanta Botanical Garden, so we decided it was time to visit the garden again. If you spend any time in the Atlanta metro area, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit. Instead of making you tired by reading, I'll let pictures tell the story. I didn't take any of these photos, they are courtesy of the garden's website. Be sure to check it out as well.

July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! A heart felt THANKS to the men and women who are currently serving or have served in the U.S. armed forces putting yourselves in harms way to keep this country freeand providing for the welfare of this great country. God Bless America.