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The wife and I are heading to Venezuela this summer to participate in a mission trip with our church. The trip is focused on a home for troubled boys in Barquisimeto, Venezuela that a partner church - Good News Church (Las Buenas Nuevas del Este) supports there. Most of the boys chose to enter the home after living on the street and running into all sorts of street life trouble. They range from age 7 to age 16. The workers in the home give the boys a disciplined life style, provide positive role models, and are actively helping them reshape their lives. While there, we will be working on renovations on the home that they all live in and working with the leaders in the home as well as the boys. I invite you to partner with us in this journey. We covet your prayers for the team going down, the leadership of the home, and for the boys themselves. If you care to support the team with a contribution, you may contribute by going to the Globalx website: click on GIVE on the to

A Crash Course in Firefighting

Several years ago, I was living on a small 11-acre piece of land in rural South Georgia. I had went out on my own consulting on Novell networks and performing PC repair. The first few years I worked out of an office at the house and spent the majority of my time around the house. We lived 15 miles from the county seat, the Sheriff's office, the hospital, and EMS. The county did not have a paid fire service but depended on volunteers. Every time I stopped in at the local country store, the owner would mention that they had a volunteer fire department right next door and would invite me to their weekly meeting. For month's I declined the offer. Finally, I decided to drop in one night. I got introduced to the regulars, was given the tour of all the trucks and equipment. Many of the our neighbors worked 20 miles away during the day time, so someone in the area during the day was beneficial. Before I left the meeting that night, I was issued a radio and given a call sign. The chief

Back in the Saddle Again

The title for those of you too young to recognize it is from the song by the same name by Gene Autry. If you need more info: Gene Autry . After deciding that I had somehow been relocated to the great white north, the mercury started creeping to the upward side of 40F this past weekend and that caught my attention. So, I checked my handy dandy 10 day forecast on the weather guessers website and noted that lows for the week would be high 30s/low 40s and the highs for the week would be in the mid 60s and clear. I then declared I would be riding to work all week. Monday I awoke to 37F clear and dark. I bundled up including a half mask under the full face helmet and a fleece scarf and set off on my roughly one hour commute. By the time I reached downtown and the motorcycle designated parking at the office, I was energized and glad I had ridden. I had been missing riding the bike for the commute and about tired of winter as it were. The ride home was even more enjoyable despite the typical a