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Your Love Never Fails

As I walked past a co-worker's desk this week, I noticed the roses that she had gotten for Valentine's Day. The once gorgeous flowers that represent the love of her husband are now wilted. The beauty of the flowers short lived. Their death started the minute they were clipped from the rose bush where they grew. Their demise was certain and foreseen. As I looked at the wilting roses, I thought how short life really is and how temporal the things in this life are that we value. Today's news heralded a report that a shoe store had to call in 100 police officers to quell what was turning into a riot over the sale of the newest Nike glow in the dark basketball shoes ( USA Today ). In a few months, no one will be willing to fight over those shoes, and whoever bought a pair will be out trying to buy something else. Thousands of people stood in lines outside Apple stores in malls overnight recently to get their hands on the latest iPad. The iPad 3 is soon to be released, and m

Book Review: Day of War - Cliff Graham

Day of War is the first book in the Lion of War series by Cliff Graham. Graham takes the story of David and ancient Israel and sets it to life. Graham does a masterful job at capturing the brutality of the battles that David and his thirty mighty men while detailing their struggles. The men are faced with difficult choices in their allegiance to King Saul and David, the Lion of War. Besides warring with the Philistines and Amalekites, Benaiah, one of David's men also battles two Lions which thoroughly test the man's metal. The story is graphic with it realistic depiction of the battles and the crude weapons of the period. A great deal of blood shed is detailed in the 362 pages. If a reader enjoyed the Patriot and Braveheart, it would be a safe bet, they will thoroughly enjoy this book. Although this book is fiction, it is written well based from historic research regarding battlefield strategies, tactics, weaponry, etc as well as details from the Bible. But again, this boo

Baby's Got New Shoes! version 2012

Saturday we woke to mild temperatures, 48F when we woke and a high of 60F. Rain was on the forecast for the afternoon. We took care of a few errands and then returned to the house. I put on my leathers, fired Rosie up and headed for Rider's Hill  in Dahlonega, GA to see the guys a the Tire Service Center. The 45 minute ride was wonderful. Three different times I could smell the pleasant aroma of someone's fireplace and the crisp air against my cheek made me feel totally alive. Once I arrived at Rider's Hill, I found half a dozen bikers kicking around the new and used bikes in European Motorsports and at the Six Gap Cafe', but there were no customers in the Tire Shop. No lines, no waiting! I had grown accustomed to dropping Rosie off when she needed new shoes and picking her up the next day. But, by bringing her in on a winter's day, they quickly offered to have her ready to roll in an hour and a half. So, I wandered through the inventory of new Moto Guzzis and t