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The Five Best Books On Writing

 As I continue to work at improving my skillset as a writer, I continue to read and write on a regular basis. Occasionally someone suggest a book specifically on writing or someone asks me to recommend a book on writing. To date, I have found these five to be the most helpful. They are listed in no specific order.   Ernest Hemmingway on Writing  Hemmingway always said it was bad luck to talk about writing, but numerous time throughout his life, he tossed out some pretty sound advice. Phillips assembles the gems into one cover and a brief 140 pages. I may be a little bias, but you can't go wrong with writing advise from a master. On Being a Writer by Kroeker & Craig On Being a Writer provides 12 simple habits to develop and maintain a writing career. Though some may seem simple and obvious, they provide good suggestions that can benefit every writer new, established, young, and old. Storyville: An illustrated Guide to Writing Fiction by John Dufresne Storyville gets into to nuts