Woke this morning at 3am to let the dog out and there was snow on the ground and more falling. It was absolutely gorgeous. Woke to the alarm at 6:20 and it was all ice. Turned on the TV and there were wrecks at every ramp on the highway south of us for 6 miles, so I called in to announce I'd be late. By 9 it was raining and the ice had melted, so I caged it in to the office. I'll never understand the mentality of the drivers here. I could have easily driven into work this morning under the weather conditions we had, but with these folks all crashing trying to drive like it was sunny and clear I decided I'd pass on the experience. There is a big difference! They attempt to drive like it is sunny and clear even when it is raining (cutting over close in front of other automobiles, pulling out of interesections in front of traffic, etc). So, I've just elected to avoid the situation and let them do their thing today and then rode in a little late.

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