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What's Up?

For those wondering why I haven't had much to say as of late, I am fine no need to send out the cadaver dogs. After returning from Bristol, I commuted a full week to my office downtown. That Friday, I remembered that I had estimated that Rosie would probably be needing a back tire by the time we got home from Bristol. Because the Road King's have really long rear fenders, one doesn't happen to see the tread depth of the rear tires with a casual walk around. One has get on one's knees or lie on the concrete to check it. If there is any question to the tread depth in the center of the tires, double click the picture to enlarge the image. My finding is there is a three inch area in the center of the rear tire where the tread design barely is visible. It it less than 2/32s. In fact if one rubs their hand across the area, it feels smooth. So, Rosie has spent most of the month sleeping in the garage. I checked the front tire tread depth and its around 3/32 in the center, so I