Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's the Simple Things...

You renew your license plate tag for your car or truck. Now comes the difficult part. On the left side of the tag is a decal with your birth month on it. On the right side of the tag is a decal with the year on it. In your hand is a new decal with the new year of expiration. What side do you put it on?

According to logic and according to the instructions of the tag office, you should put the new year's decal over the old year's decal. Seems reasonable, right?

Evidentally not, I continue to see tags like this one where the owner thought the new year decal shouldn't cover up the old year decal, so they smack it over the month decal. As I drive behind them in traffic, I think to myself "watch this person closely. If they can't handle putting a renewal decal on their tag right, they probably can't handle merging traffic, four way stops, and motorcycles riding near them."


Aaron said...

Allen, does your girlfriend know you posted a picture of her license plate on the Internet and blogged about her bad driving habits? :P

Kathleen Jennette said...

I wonder if they hired someone to put it on...hmmmmm? lol