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Bikes and BBQ

It rained all week. When I say that, I am not exaggerating. It rained Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat. So, when I got a note that some of the guys (and gals) from Adventure Rider - Ride the World! were getting together Sunday night for some BBQ at One Star Ranch in Alpharetta, I was itching to get out and ride without rain! And who is going to turn down Texas style BBQ? Not I! So, we assembled at the predetermined time and the aforementioned location, my Harley and 5 BMWs. We don't discriminate. If you're on two wheels and enjoy riding, we figure we can tolerate you long enough to eat a meal. An order of wings and onion rings and the tales began. Then it was BBQ Pork sandwiches and ribs. One of my buddies in the group recently returned from a motorcycle ride to Alaska and back, hard core! My other buddy came in his mini-pickup because his BMW needs a transmission, bummer! Before long a couple guitar pickers set up and began to entertain. One of our crew yelled out "Freeb

Kids, Don't Try This at Home

When Life Gives You Lemons, Buy a Four Wheeler...

And You Thought *I* was a Geek...

Jerry Jalava was out riding his Ducati when he had a close encounter of the worst kind with a deer. He crashed and slid with his left hand trapped under the bike and the deer on top of him. After EMS transported him to a near by hospital, emeregency suregeons amputated half of his finger. Here is his own account of the story: But the story doesn't end there. Jerry was a geek and geeks are constantly looking for ways to be more productive. After reading a joke about a USB "thumb drive" being implanted in a prosthetic finger. Jerry figured, "what the hell." The rest is, well let's let pictures say a thousand words (or kb): Yes, he has 2GB of storage in his ring finger. Jerry's own words on the use of his "new finger" drive: James Bond d

Better than Ever

If it was REALLY better than ever, wouldn't it have saved the settings? Things that make you go, "What the dump!"

Silly Weather Guessers

Wednesday night I checked out the weather guessers on the local news who all proclaimed the low for the night would only be 37F. I thought great, that will be a great commute for Thursday morning. So I got up Thursday glad to have a little warmer weather pulled on my boots and gear. I glanced at the weather station as I headed to the garage and noticed it said 27F, guess the weather guessers got the 2 and the 3 confused. It happens, after all they are right next to each other and they both are curvy. I rode anyhow. The air coming up under the fullface helmet was brisk and made my cheeks sting but you just endure. When I pulled into the parking lot at work, I couldn't find another bike to share a parking spot with so I guess no one else was willing to brave it. When quitting time arrived, I found another bike sharing a spot with Rosie so at least someone had the fever. The ride home was nice with the temps around 55F and it felt really good. Being on two wheels seems to put me in su