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On the Road Again

I spent the weekend riding with a couple motorcycle ministries. It is pretty awesome to see people walking out their faith - loving on folks despite how they look, where they are, or what they're doing. Not sitting in a big ornate building and expecting folks to come to them, but "taking it to the streets". What I really liked was that they weren't standing on a stump screaming "turn or burn", but demonstrating love.

Isn't that what the message is supposed to be? Grace not judgement?

Getting Past the Music

Are searching souls having to get past the music (or dress codes) in worship services so they can find out about God?
Getting Past - Chuckk Gerwig

I believe it is more the case than for thought

Leanings 2

Peter Egan lives near Madison, Wisconsin (yankee), with his wife, Barb, a houseful of dogs, and a garage filled with motorcycles, cars, and the sound set for his garage blues band. He has written for Cycle World magazine since 1977. He appreciates good music, Guiness, and his motorcycle collection ranges from Triumphs, Hondas, to a Harley Utlra?? hmmm. Here is a man who just flat out enjoys being on two-wheels whether its on dirt or asphalt makes no mind to him.

I enjoyed his tales of riding adventures in the first Leanings and Leanings 2 is just as enjoyable. So, when you can't be out riding, this is another good read :)

Are You Ready for a Good Time?

My wife's employer was ever so gracious to take all of their employees and their employees families to Turner Field Sunday to watch the Atlanta Braves lay waste to the Pittsburg Pirates. Along with excellent seats a mere 15 rows from the edge of the field, we also were treated to brunch in the 755 Club.

A good time was had by all! We even got home in time to watch the Cup race in Chicago.

Network Analyzer

For the network admins that read this blog:
I've mentioned before that Wireshark is a really useful tool for network analysis. Well, here is another really handy tool that rus on top of wireshark. It's called Clearsight Analyzer.

Clearsight Analyzer provides:
VoIP network troubleshooting
VoIP pre-deployment testing
Service level measurement and monitoring for IP telephony and video streaming services
Network baselining for network capacity planning and future investment

Here is their website: Clearsight Analyzer

Free downloadable trial of Clearsight Analyzer

The BEST BBQ Ribs in Atlanta

One Star Ranch has two Atlanta area locations: Buckhead and Alpharetta. I've driven past the Alpharetta location for 6 years casually commenting "that looks like a place I'd like to try." Well, Friday night while scanning across the channels on TV, we stumbled on a "best bbq in atlanta" documentary that was 2-years old. Low and behold they featured One Star Ranch and highlighted their cooking style. Beef brisket, pork and beef ribs, etc, etc. So, we said enough is enough and dropped in Saturday night to give them a go. After eating one beef rib, I'm hooked. It is simply the best bbq'ed ribs I've ever flopped a lip over.

When in Atlanta, look them up.
One Star Ranch

Working with Windows Vista

Vista's extra security has a couple of annoyances to deal with...

The first one is the authentication for Remote Desktop. If you RDP to a server or anothe workstation not running Vista or Windows Server 2008 (another words the majority of the machines in your present network, you get a screen prompting you that it can't authenticate that looks like this:

to end this, you can change the settings for your RDP session by clicking advanced and changing the drop-down and setting it to connect if authentication fails.
There is also a registry hack for this, but I haven't tested it as of yet.

The other annoyance to most admins using Vista is the continual prompt about elivated priviledges. You can disable this as well.
Open secpol.msc
expand local policies
expand security options
scroll down to User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode
change the setting to Elevate without Prompting