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Trying to Review Event Logs to Monitor your Servers?

I implemented and have become a BIG fan of Microsoft Operations Manager just for this very purpose. All of their product teams have written management packs for MOM so that if you want to monitor Exchange, the Exchange mgt pack knows what to look for in a log and what are or aren't tolerable states. (same for SQL, same for AD, etc). It even monitors itself and the servers it monitors can send alerts when the MOM server isn't responding. One of the nice parts about it is the built in Knowledge base, such that if MOM gives you an alert with an error msg and you are scratching your head thinking "OK, that is definately a problem but how do I fix it?" You click the Knowledgebase tab inside the alert and it gives you resolution steps. How sweet is that? I've been running in for close to 90 days and I think it is the best thing they've ever bought, renamed, and marketed. Microsoft MOM website

Add Another Rider to Our Ranks

A recent breakfast with a friend of mine got an old fever rekindled. Seems Jeffrey used to ride a 125cc about 25 years ago and after listening to me talk about how much I have been enjoying riding my V-Twin, he got the bug really bad. He was the winning bidder on a gorgeous Honda Shadow this evening, so I'm guessing I'm going to be making a trip to bring his newly purchased bike home :) I'll try to get pictures of him with the cheshire cat grin to post when we pick it up.

Congrats to Casey Mears!

Casey Mears celebrated his first career NASCAR Nextel Cup Series victory Sunday evening at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, NC after winning the Coca Cola 600. Mears had managed to work his way into a top-10 position and then made the gamble to stay out while the competition was pitting for a gallon of fuel. Mears team calculated his car would be out of fuel with half a lap to go, but Mears finished under power and ran out of fuel on the cool down lap, coasted the National Guard sponsored No. 25 Chevrolet down pit road and into Victory Lane.

Congrats to Dario Franchitti

Dario Franchitti won the 91st running of the Indianapolis 500 after the race was called due to rain on lap 166. The race had been delayed for 3 1/2 hrs before resuming and then encountering rain again! The race had three women drivers this year (a record for the Indy 500). Danica Patrick finished 8th, Sarah Fisher 18th, and Milka Duno finished 31st. It makes you wonder if there were three women competing in the Indy 500, why there aren't any currently competing in NASCAR Busch or Cup Series.

I Hate to get off on a Rant Here, but...

"I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history" - Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter claiming the Bush administration is the worst in history at foreign policy has got the be the biggest demonstration of a pot calling a kettle black that I can possibly conceive. The Carter administration sucked air. Jmiiy might have made a good govenor for the state of Georgia, but his time in the White House produced nothing positive that I can see. Jimmy has been beating the drum for years for peace in the middle east and has went so far to waggle his finger at Israel. I find it perplexing. Jimmy is a Baptist sunday school teacher. If he has studied his Bible very much, he should know the history. God gave the children of Israel the promised land. They were later conquered by the Babylonians who then exiled them from their land. During the Persian Period, many of the Jews returned to Israel and the temple was rebuilt. Alexander

Just a Sunday Drive

At 7am Sunday morning, it was around 45 degrees. A bit nippy for the open face helmet, but I toughed it out for the 15 minute highway ride down to the Church. When we got out of the service at noon, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was just over 80 degrees - Perfect Bike Weather! A couple of guys suggested a bike ride, and all we needed was the suggestion. Five of us quickly assembled and were soon winding thru the backroads of north Georgia. One road was so narrow I joked that I thought someone had halfheartedly paved a goat trail. But it was a gorgeous ride thru the countryside without incident and a great time was had by all.

Beautiful Weather for Motorcylce Riding!

After riding all winter with electric gloves, scarves, and face masks to stay warm, the recent warm weather and clear skies have been a welcome sight. It has been so pretty as of late, when I go to lunch I'm tempted to head for the mountains instead of back to the office. I'm fought the temptation, but a trip on the two lane roads thru the north Georgia mountains is on my radar.

Please Watch for Bikes!

My friend KT had this posted on her blog and I felt compelled to add it here. It makes a very good point...

Something you don't see everyday

A friend took this picture on his commuter home yesterday. Isn't life in suburbia grand?

Commuting on Two Wheels, WHY NOT??

A week doesn't go by that I don't have someone stop me and say "Why do you commute on your motorcycle?" Typically my initial response is "Why not?" But over the last few months, I have encountered several other motorcycle owners, and I have been quite baffled at the fact they don't commute on their bikes. Now that gas prices are hovering at the three-dollar-a-gallon mark, I'm really perplexed to see motorcycle owners driving SUVs to work that avg 18-20mpg and cost $75-90 to fill up. Why wouldn't they consider commuting on a motorcycle that averages 45-55 mpg? So, yes you guessed it. I've begun the conversation "Why do you NOT commute on your motorcycle?" The answers vary and quite honestly, I haven't heard one yet that really holds water. Most of the answers amount to excuses not real reasons. A friend that works as a loan officer said that if he didn't have to wear suits to work he would commute on his bike more often (curr