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Community First! Village

For those of you who have read Awakened , you may recall in the epilogue, I discussed Community First! Village in Austin, TX - a community established to restore dignity and community to the chronically homeless in the Austin area. I had the extreme privilege to visit for a week in December and stay in one of their tiny homes in their  Community Inn . I knew my readers would be keenly interested in learning more about this exciting village, so I did be best to take lots of pictures to help tell the tale. So first off, here is the cozy tiny home that I stayed in for the week: RUBY!    (you know like the slippers from Wizard of Oz!) It had a full size loft bed, a twin bed on the main level, gas stovetop grill, fridge, and full bathroom with shower. Photo credit : Community First! Photo credit : Community First! Photo crddit: Community First!  Photo credit : Community First!  Ruby was very comfortable, and I was ever more grateful for t