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Scooter Sales on the Upswing

This explains all the extra bikes in the parking lot at work and in my neighborhood :) Scooter sales skyrocket 66% - CNN


I've been attending a class this week near Perimeter Mall. At lunch break I went over to eat at the Mall's food court. On my way out of the mall, I am walking across the parking lot (wearing chaps and a leather jacket mind you) to where Rosie was parked on the yellow hash marks in front of a light pole when a Hummer stops next to me and rolls the window down. A young lady inquired, "Where are you parked?" I smiled and said, "Just at the end of this row." She slammed the gas gusseling dinosaur killing mega-HUV in reverse and backed to the end of the row and waited for me. I walked to where Rosie was waiting, put my coke in the cup holder and smiled. I heard the overgrown metal cage slam into drive and chirp a tire as she headed off to find a parking spot she could fit the wildebeest. I rode off laughing and thinking.... "I sure love riding motorcycles!"

The Shack

If you don't read anything else in the next five years, go out, purchase a copy of The Shack , and read it. You'll be glad you did :)

Daytona Octoberfest

Ok. I've been let down. Last year a group of my buds took off to Daytona for Octoberfest, and I couldn't go. So they told me to put it on the calendar for this year. I did. I even got the time off approved by my supervisor and the kitchen pass approved by my wife. Now they've decided they're not going this year. They're thinking they'll go to Myrtle Beach next year instead. So. Who's headed to Daytona? Anyone passing thru Atlanta that would welcome an extra bike riding in the formation? Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?

Bikes on Broadway - Columbus, GA

Columbus, Georgia hosted Bikes on Broadway Sep 19 and 20th. The annual event serves as a fund raiser for " Our House " Children's home. Poker runs, dice runs, 50/50 raffles, vendors, food, and live Rock N Roll Bands were all apart. I snapped a view photos, but the batteries died in the digital cam so there is only a few and a couple are a bit dark due to the flash quitting on low power. Note that not all of the bikes are Harleys. I realize there are other bike manufacturers. A couple of us spent considerable time looking at a Victory Vision. (photo courtesy of Victory Motorcycles and Ironhorse of San Antonio) I think it is a gorgeous bike. I just can't get my mind wrapped around the handlebars turning and the fairing and headlight not turning with the handlebars. So, if I'm turning on a curve at night, is it shining in the woods??

Second Annual Ride for Will

The ride begins at South Forsyth High School, 585 Peachtree Parkway, Cumming, GA (exit 13 off GA 400). Registration begins at 9:00 am and the ride leaves at 11:00 am. The escorted ride will go to Helen and end at Paul's Margarita Deck with raffles, door prizes, and 50/50 drawing. The ride fee is $25.00 for the rider and $10.00 for a passenger. Pre-registration is available. Fees include a "Will" patch or T-shirt for the first 125 paid entries. Proceeds got to the Will Davison Memorial Scholarship (for more info, click here .) For more information call Cathy Bentley (770) 889-7829 or email cathybentley at