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Just a Sunday Drive

This weekend provided some very wonderful weather (60F) that was just irresistable to anyone who owns a motorcycle. A friend of mine bought a Harley Sporty recently, and we've had the "let get together and go for a ride sometime" conversation way too many times. So I called him Saturday night and said tomorrow is sometime. I checked the weather forecast this morning, and saw the weather guessers were predicting rain beginning at 6pm and raining all night. I concluded that by the time my friend would arrive we wouldn't have enough time for a ride to Wolf Pen Gap and back without pushing darkness and the possible rain moving in on us. So, I elected riding to Dahlonega and having a late lunch. We headed up historic Georgia Highway 9. Highway 9 is affectionately known as Thunder Road. In the 1930's, Georgia Highway 9 was a dirt road that ran from the North Georgia Mountains to Atlanta. It gained the nickname "Thunder Road" as it was the major route for trans