AVG Free...still free

There's been some misunderstanding, miscommunication, etc about AVG Free lately. Users of AVG Free 7.1 will receive a screen that says the version is no longer supported. It DOESN'T mean it is not still FREE. You can upgrade to AVG v7.5 Free for...FREE!

Here is how...from their website:
Update of AVG 7.1 to 7.5

Run the AVG Free Edition 7.5 Setup program
Click "Next >" on the AVG "Welcome!" screen
Click "Accept" on the "License Agreement on Use of an AVG Free Edition" screen
Select "Repair installation" on the "Select Setup Type" screen and click "Next >"
Select "Restart the computer now" (pre-selected by the program automatically) and click "OK" on the "Installation Complete!" screen to restart your computer and complete the installation

and as always, home users can download AVF Free Edition v7.5 by going to their website: AVG Free Edition Downloads

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