Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Careful What you ask!

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My late grandparents spent a great deal of their retirement years pulling and Airstream travel trailer and exploring the United States. My grandfather told the story that on one of their many trips across the country, he and my grandmother got into a bit of an argument over the pronunciation of the town they were passing through.

After a spirited argument with no signs of resolution or compromise in the immediate future, they elected to stop for breakfast at a fast food restaurant. When the college-age guy behind the counter offered to take their order, my grandfather saw an opportunity to resolve their argument over the pronunciation of the town's name. So, he said to the guy behind the counter, "Hey, how about solving an argument for us. Tell us how to pronounce where we are and say it real slow." The guy behind the counter shrugged his shoulders, leaned over the counter and slowly said, "Bur-ger King."

I remember several years ago recognizing the high level of impatience that I possess. So, I began praying, "God, give me patience." In my mind, I thought that patience could be granted much like when I would call my Dad from college and say, "Hey, there is a retreat next weekend, can I have $75 to go." If he found the cause worthy, a week later a check would arrive. But it seems that is not how one acquires patience. Apparently, one does not wake up one morning suddenly feeling more patient than ever before in their life. No, to develop patience, one must learn patience.

So, my continued prayer requests for patience was met with me finding myself in more situations where I did not control everything and things did not happen at the pace that I thought they should. It was a very uncomfortable time, and I did not enjoy it a bit. I do not know if I developed more patience. But, I do know that I learned to be a bit more careful when I ask for something. I now contemplate on what might be the results of the request.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Do you Know the Legend of the Christmas Moose?

I originally published this story here on my blog three Christmases ago. It seems to get a bit more popular every year. So if you are not familiar with the legend, here it is:
The Legend of the Christmas Moose

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Review: The Usurper - Cliff Ball

Book Review: The Usurper - Cliff Ball (Fiction, Thriller, Political Intrigue)

The KGB plots the demise of the United States with various schemes of planned childbirths, planting operatives as college presidents, professors, newspaper editors, and politicians. Some are willing participants while some are blackmailed.

The author ties real events in America's history into this fictional tale to make the reader feel a connection to the story. Conspiracies run rampant through the story line. Every terrorist action has an underlying purpose tied to the KGB's ultimate goal.

The story is believable and kept my attention from start to finish.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Book Review: The Dream Giver - Bruce Wilkinson

Are you living your dream or just living life? Do you look forward every morning to getting up and going into your job or are you just doing what you have to do to pay the bills?

This book starts with a parable - the story of Ordinary who is a Nobody living in the land of Familiar. One day, Ordinary decides to walk off his Usual Job, break out of his Comfort Zone, and pursue his Big Dream. He has to battle Bullies and Giants before he can thrive in the Land of Promise.

Beyond the parable, Wilkinson discusses how to identify and embrace your own Big Dream, what you need to do to break through your own Comfort Zone, how to deal with Border Bullies, and what it takes to defeat the Giants in your path.

I found this book very encouraging and motivating. Many of us complain about our jobs and continue to question our career paths, but very few stop to question what we were created for and what dream have we been carrying around for years.

Discontented? Not feeling like you are living up to your potential? Maybe you need to discover what your Big Dream is. I strongly recommend reading this book. It's only 160 pages and an easy read.