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Questioning Our Priorities

I have set and watched the ongoing saga/debate of gay marriage and now state legislation to allow businesses to refuse service to individuals based on their sexual preferences for months. And honestly,  I am amazed at the amount of time, energy, and money that is being poured into it all. I have to wonder if it is necessary and if it is as much of a priority to God as it is to some of the folks heavily involved who call themselves doing His work. For years preachers have refused to marry people if they did not agree with the situation. I know of preachers refusing to marry couples they did not think were prepared for marriage and because one or the other was divorced. I do not recall anyone getting sued over it. And further, it seems like much of the argument has come down to comparing sins. My studies of the Bible have concluded that sin is sin. There is no big and little sin. One is not worse than another, and God hates ALL sin. Lust, gluttony, adultery, lying, cheating, and

Begging for Garbage

Monday was a federal holiday and observed by my day job which gave me a day to address things for the nonprofit. I had received a request from an individual that worked for a local chain restaurant. They were dismayed by all the food being thrown away each evening and wanted us to talk to them about donating the food. So I drove down and asked to speak with the manager. I introduced myself, explained what our organization does, and explained the need in our community.   He called his supervisor,  had a brief conversation and then told me I would have to contact corporate marketing department. I returned home and filled out a generic contact form on their website. I sat and marveled at the difficulty of getting a business to quit throwing away food and instead receiving a tax deduction and helping struggling families in their community. I cannot count the number of these conversations I have had over the last three years. The responses are incredible.  Liability concerns desp

The Pressure Is On

(Image Source: ) It was just another one of those routine medical checkups. The kind I would just as soon avoid. I have enough going on I really do not need another appointment on my agenda, but I agree to make these albeit begrudgingly. So here I sat on the end of the exam table that is too short to lie down on unless a medically trained professional pulls out that silly extension for my feet. I peruse a two year old copy of Car and Driver while I wait in the bleak solitude. Soon a 20 something nurse pops in the room that seems just a little too happy for a doctor's office and begins the inane battery of questions. How are you feeling today? Are you getting plenty of rest?  Exercise? I can hear Charlie Brown's teacher, "waa waa waa". She takes my blood pressure which has always been a textbook example of 120/80, but apparently not today. She deflates the cuff, furrows her brows, and seems to suddenly lose her effervescence. "I'm going to tr