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So you are out on the road and you need to access the internet with your notebook pc. You cannot find a wireless access point within range from where you are staying, but your windows mobile device (cell phone) has good signal. Depending on your carrier and the build of Windows Mobile 5.0 on your portable device, you may be in luck. Connect your windows mobile cell phone to your notebook pc with the USB cable that came with the phone. On you cell phone, click start and find the Accessories folder and open it Look for an icon that is labelled Modem Link or Internet Sharing (depending on your carrier) and click on it. (If your phone doesn't show an icon for Modem Link or Internet Sharing, you'll need to look into an application for your phone called pdanet ). Connection should show USB (some carriers also give you the bluetooth option) at the bottom of the window click either Connect or Activate (which ever is shown). On the notebook pc, you should see a device found notification

Too Drunk to Walk

While at Atlanta Motor Speedway today, I encountered a gentelman who was probably 30-40 years old. He was so heavily intoxicated that he could not walk and was depending on one of his buddies to keep him from falling down. The startling part of the encounter was that is was 9:30am. If you are too drunk to walk at 9:30 in the morning, I think it is time to seek professional help for an addiction. Sadly a couple of hours later EMS was hustling to assist a person who had fallen. Yep, you guessed it, this gentleman had fallen and broken a couple of ribs. I'm guessing his buddy's best efforts had fallen slightly short. Perhaps it would have been in the best interest of his self-preservation to have gone to bed instead of out manuvering thru the throngs of people in the infield.

POP3 on Cell Phone

Want to access your Bellsouth POP3 email account on your web enabled phone? You might be in for a small but unpleasant suprise. If you configure the POP3 account like you would on a Windows 2000/XP computer, you can receive Bellsouth POP3 email, but sending will fail. What's the deal? It seems Bellsouth has enforced some security measures on their outgoing SMTP servers and the web enabled phones will not properly authenticate. If your cell provider is Verizon, they offer a solution. Log onto VTEXT.COM and set up an account if you don't already have one. Once you have a login account for VTEXT.COM, configure your POP3 email on your web enabled cell phone's outgoing server as: SMTP.VZWMAIL.NET check the box "outgoing server requires authentication" under outgoing server settings, enter your user name cellphonenumber@VZWMAIL.NET enter the password you set for You now can send email with your bellsouth account. It will be processed and delivered vi
"These bike riders are not the daredevil, death-defying citizens that they appear to be. They are quiet, unassuming men, who go to extremes of care and safety...Motorcyclists eat and sleep and talk like other folks, but at times they can't help feeling that they haven't as long to live as the ordinary man. And they are right. They are a fearless lot, brave enough to wear their lives on their sleeves, and have their nerves as unimpressionable as flint." - The New York Times 1913

Georgia Drought

A considerable amount of the Atlanta Metro population has been worried sick over their shrubberies, flowers, and yards with the recent drought and watering restrictions. Several have just put small buckets under their gutters to store up a little rain water to use during the weeks when it doesn't rain. The city folks aren't familiar with an old fashioned remedy, rain barrels. There pretty simple to construct with a 55 gallon plastic drum. Connected into a gutter downspout, they make a good reserve of gardening water during dry spells. Put a faucet in the bottom and you can connect a hose and do low pressure watering. Several sites exist on Al Gore's world wide web showing how to build one pretty cheap. For the lazy, several companies sell them for $150 and up. Google rain barrel and read to your delight or check out the City of Bremerton, Washington's site for instructions for making a rain barrel: Make Your Own Rain Barrel Now quit worrying about the landscape and get

Apple Run

Fall is in the air and one od the things that means is it is time to ride to Ellijay and buy a fried apple pie with a scoop of ice cream at R and A Orchards who are celbrating their 60th year of operations. I've been making the trip for many years since from friends introduced me to the whole deal back in 1987. And as seems the custom, we bought a gallon of apple cider for hot cider on cooler nights and my wife bought half a peck of rome beauties for baking an apple crisp and and apple pie. I always wondered why Ellijay ended up the apple capital of Georgia. It seems in the 1920s when the cotton boll weevil killed the entire cotton crop for the county and left farmers devistated. Some had been growing apples as well and offset some of the losses on the cotton crop with the income from apples. By the mid 1920s, the county had given up on the troubles trying to grow cotton and turned its attention to apples. Now days, Ellijay has 19 businesses selling apples on GA Hwy 52, 515, and 2

Georgia Southern 38, Appalachian St. 35

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The motorcycle ministry I work with, "Knights of Penetcost" is selling these shirts for $15 each. If you'd like to support the ministry, give me a shout and I'll hook you up with a shirt.

When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get Going to the Beach

When I changed jobs in March, I knew that we would not be able to take our usual summer vacation, but as the company I had been working for was struggling and things looked grim, I took the new job offer. We planned things out and realized it would be October before I had accrued a week of paid vacation, so we planned accordingly. The beach in October, you exclaim. Sure, why not? Milder temp and enjoyable surroundings with no crowds. I was laid-off from the new job two weeks before the scheduled vacation (coincidence? I wonder). So with plans in place and no scheduled interviews in the immediate works, we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC. I-85 North, I-20 East, I-95 South, I think we drove every interstate that possibly exist in the state of Georgia and South Carolina and despite the directions were given by a family friend that owns a house in Myrtle Beach and despite that the South Carolina Welcome Center was also passing out directions to Myrtle Beach that matched, it sure seemed odd at t

In a Sunburned Country

Bill Bryson is probably best known for his work "A Walk in the Woods" which chronicles his experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail. "In a Sunburned Country" is Bryson's account of his time spent exploring Australia. And, in typical Bryson fashion, it is far more than a geographic or tour guide of the country. It is a hilarious narrative of an American's adventures traveling around the vast countryside. "In a Sunburned Country" is a delightful read that I would suggest to anyone.

Fire Safety Week

Yes, that is your's truly. I served as a volunteer Firefighter/NREMT-I for several years. Oct 7-13th is Fire Safety Week. This year's theme is Practice Your Escape Plan. I'd like to suggest that everyone do two thing this week: 1) test the smoke alarms in your home and consider replacing the batteries 2) review the information on the NFPA website regarding making an Escape Plan for your family and then practice that plan.

Zen on Hot Asphalt

Zen on Hot Asphalt for a Biker on Business - NY Times By ALTON BROWN, as told to CHRISTOPHER ELLIOTT I'm thinking like Alton Brown...I'm skeerd

Fourth Annual Ride for Set Free - Nov 3, 2007

The fourth annual ride for Set Free is scheduled for November 3, 2007. The fundraiser will benefit Set Free, a Christian-based, non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, started by bikers. The center also assists battered women and children, and the homeless. Set Free is funded by donations only; not by the state. The center is located in Free Home, Georgia. The 90 mile ride begins at the Publix Shopping Center in Free Home and ends at God’s House of Prayer in Ducktown. There will be one stop halfway. Ride coordinators ask that everyone be fueled before arrival. There is a $20 minimum donation for those choosing to pre-register. $25 minimum donation fee on day of the ride. Registration begins at 8:00am. Ride begins at 10:00am. A police escort will be provided. Riders can enjoy a complementary meal at the end of the ride as well as a 50/50 drawing, door prizes and auction. For more information on the ride or to pre-register, President Name: Allen Boyd 770-893-4613 Vice Presid

VOIP PBX/SIP server for Windows

So you've been thinking about Voice over IP telephone systems for your church or small business and are put off by the costs of the phone system - fair enough. What if there was a free version? That's right. What if the system itself was software based and run on a Windows server or pc and all you had to buy was the desk phones (I'd suggest Polycom IP-301, IP-501s - see Ebay) and a server to run it on??? Getting more interesting isn't it? Check out 3CX software based PBX for Windows.... The free version supports up to 8 phones (small office, small church, or even your home). A 25 extension small business version supporting 16 simultaneous calls is available for $350, a professional edition (unlimited extensions and 32 simultanoeus calls) is $895, and the enterpise edition (unlimited extensions, unlimited simultaneous calls) is $1250. Complete phone system: Provides call switching, routing & queueing Purchase cost dramatically lower than a traditional hardware PBX Sc