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Kids Keep You Humble

Several years ago while living on 11 acres on a dirt road in rural South Georgia, I served on a volunteer Fire Department. We received the gamut of calls ranging from house fires, car fires, automobile accidents, attempted suicides, and flooding to name a few. One rainy night, our department was dispatched to assist a neighbor whose home was being threatened with flooding by a large highway drainage ditch which was rapidly overflowing. I walked into the utility room of our farm house and began pulling on my bright yellow rain gear complete with jacket and hood with a built-in bill like a baseball cap. Sterns raincoat image courtesy of  I began thinking how miserable it was going to be out working in this torrential downpour. I pulled up the hood on the rain jacket and walked out of the utility room towards the backdoor of the house where I met our 3 yr old daughter. I could feel some pride rise in my chest that my young daughter was seeing her fath