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The Beanee-Weenee Economic Index

  Image source: For years there have been many economic indexes utilized as an indicator of the strength or weakness of the current economy. One index that was widely publicized for sometime was the  Hot Waitress Economic Index  which asserted that the higher the number of hot looking  servers in a food establishment, the weaker the current state of the economy. This indicator relied on the assumption that physically attractive individuals do not have any problem securing a high paying occupation during economic upturns, and that during times of economic downturns, physically attractive job hunter were forced to work as waitstaff. This index was unsubstantiated due to several other factors that were not properly taken into consideration. Another index is known as Lipstick vs Nail Polish . The theory behind this index is that women splurge on cheaper luxuries when the economy is weak and money is tight. If gas is $3 a gallon, the budget has to be rearranged.  While this index