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90 Minutes in Heaven

Put any preconcieved notions or ideas aside and read this book. It won't take long, I read it in under 2 hours. You'll love it and it will impact your life in a positive way.

How to speed up a scooter...

Free Voice over IP - No Long Distance Charges

Ok, so you wanna talk to someone overseas, on the other side of the country, or where ever and you are too cheap to pay long distance phone charges. Easy solution, if you have a pc and you have an internet connection, buy yourself a cheap headset and download Skype. The people you want to talk to will have to install Skype on their end as well, but its free and its easy. If they don't have a pc or internet connection and you just HAVE to spend money, Skype will sell you an add-in to dial regular phones, they'll even sell you a regular phone number so folks calling from a regular phone can get you via skype, and they'll even sell you voicemail. Isn't it a great world?

The Len Foote Hike Inn at Amicalola Falls State Park

Took the family hiking for Labor Day weekend. If you like the mountains and hiking but really can't get warm and fuzzy about sleeping on the ground, this is the ticket. Lenoard Foote was a flower picture taking kinda guy, the Hike Inn was built in his honor 5 miles above the Amicalola Falls State Park (near Dawsonville, GA). It's a 5-mile hike to the inn, and the trail covers some steep inclines a couple of times. But it also has several water crossings and a lot of beautiful views along the way. This is a must do for sure. For more info:

Need to Create PDFs?

Ok, so everyone needs to create a PDF from a Word document and you don't have the budget to spend $425 a desktop for Acrobat Professional. Very familiar scenario. If they only need to create PDFs and not edit existing ones, then there is a wonderful FREE solution - PrimoPDF. Primo can make a pdf from Excel, Word, and about anything you can print.