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Motorhome Racing

In 12 years of stock car racing, I can't believe I never thought of this!

An Enjoyable Daily Commute?

(Yeah it isn't the greatest phone) Dan's latest post got me thinking about how fortunate I am and how I brush off most of my daily rides as "not blog worthy". Many of my co-workers and others in the office building where I work have questioned my sanity when they've noticed that I commute on my Harley despite temperature. I find it humorous that they question my sanity when commuting on the bike is by secret to maintaining my sanity. Back before I owned a motorcycle, if you made a comment about enjoying your commute to and from work or looking forward to the ride home, I'd a thought you needed counseling. But that is exactly what commuting on the bike has done. I look forward to the ride home. I get 30-45 minutes of time doing something I enjoy - riding a motorcycle. There are no cell phone conversations and no radio programs distracting me. Instead, I smell the smells of flowers and trees in bloom, fresh mowed grass. I can hear everything arou

Hope for Tyler

Tyler is a two year old little boy living with his single father in the Atlanta suburbs. Tyler has been diagnosed with Septo-optic dysplasia (SOD) . Upon diagnosis, his father was told that Tyler would be blind for life and there was no cure. Through research, Tyler's father learned that umbilical stem cell therapy could possibly be the cure. Tyler's dad, Eric and Tyler's grandparents are seeking fundraising opportunities to raise the money for this treatement. Please take a few moments to look at the website and consider what you can do to help with fundraising. Hope for Tyler Local race track promoters - consider a charity race. Motorcycle Riding Clubs - consider a charity ride. Donation and email contact info

New Ink

Saturday was a rainy do nothing day in the Metro area. We elected to ride into town and have another wonderful lunch at Mary Macs Tea Room . Once again, I was delighted to feast on roasted turkey, cornbread dressing, creamed corn, collard greens and cracklin bread, fried green tomatoes, and certified Georgia sweet tea (no lemon please). After a good southern meal, we headed on down Ponce De Leon to Liberty Tattoo to get a little ink work done. They were wonderful folks to work with, and I'm quite proud of how my new tattoo came out. So, what did you do this weekend?

Rally to Ridgecrest

May 23-26, 2008 Ridgecrest Conference Center , near Asheville, NC Join Christian motorcyclists from all over the country on Memorial Day as we honor the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made to ensure our precious freedom. That freedom guarantees our right to worship Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. The Rally to Ridgecrest offers the perfect chance to honor America’s fallen heroes and immerse yourself in a weekend of motorcycling excitement. Ride long, winding roads through green forests and majestic mountains. Open yourself to God’s word and His leadership in your life. Meet new friends and reminisce with familiar faces, attend seminars, and explore the ministry value of motorcycling. Challenging speakers and great music will fill each night. Great food is provided on campus. Come and experience warm Southern hospitality as you discover all the exciting attractions Asheville and the surrounding areas have to offer. Enjoy the ride! Rally to Ridgecrest OK. Who's in?