Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"What if God was one of us..."

"just a stranger on the bus..."

Stephen, a friend of mine made his second mission trip to Tanzania. Over breakfast one morning a few weeks before his trip, another friend mentioned that he sponsored a child in Tanzania and the child's name was God. Much like someone saying "I'm going to Atlanta" and someone saying, "I know someone in Atlanta, say hey to them", we dismissed the chance of Stephen crossing paths with the little boy. But much to our surprise, while in Tanzania, Stephen met God.

Stephen even managed to give God a few gifts which I thought was pretty neat since God spends most of his time giving everyone else gifts.

You can read Stephen's upcoming journal of the trip and see all of his pictures over at his blog: Stephen's Stance

"..nobody calling on the phone,
Except for the pope maybe in rome."


Ally said...

I love small world stories. Thanks for sharing.

Aaron said...

Sure beats the pants off the child to be named '4Real' in New Zealand.

I imagine his future will be full of interesting conversations upon greeting.

"Hi, I'm Aaron. What's your name?"
"mmm seriously?"
*head nod*
"Nice to meet you, God..."