Thursday, June 14, 2007

Loud HORNS Save Lives

I've constantly bemoaned the weak factory horns on most motorcycles. In fact, I have yet to encounter a factory horn that gets a cager-on-a-cell-phone's attention. We need something like the horn on a semi or a Ferrari to wake up the cager that is drifting over in our lane or about to turn left from the lane next to us. I've looked and considered lots of options which do the trick, but end up giving you something you want to hide because they don't fit where the factory horn was or a horn that just doesn't look very appealing.

Bikerlawblog posted a review on the beast. It looks like a nice solution for a real horn. Take a look mini beast air horn review

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Steven said...

In the dim dark reaches of history, my father and I used Fiamm brand horns as a replacement for the wimpy little toy horn that the manufacturer stuck us with. It was good and loud, though back then we weren't competing with cell phones. Fiamm's current website isn't quite the world's greatest, and I'm not sure where they're carried locally.

I'd sure like to find a shop that has horns hung on the wall from several manufacturers for demonstration, like BestBuy's wall-o-speakers in the Car Audio section.