Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"We Ride Never Worry 'Bout the Fall, Guess That's Just the Cowboy in us All" - Tim McGraw

I took my bike to the local bike shop to have the rear tire replaced yesterday after work. They displayed their true professionalism by calling at 9:30am this morning to let me know it was ready. When I got off work today, my wife carried me over to pick it up. As we were on our way it was lightly sprinkling, and the radio folks were talking about a storm system moving in from the southwest.

As I departed from the bike shop the rain began to pickup, so I elected to forego riding on the traffic packed highway route home and chose to come across the two lane across the lake. I had no problem with traffic or manuevering the tight turns across the dam in the rain. I made it all the way into town without issue. As I came thru town, the road makes a 90 degree turn and as I entered the turn at what seemed an incredibly slow speed, the back end came unglued. I felt Autumn's rear tire sliding out from under me. I tried to jam my left foot down to right things, but it was to no avail - I felt my boot skidding on the slippery surface. Suddenly Autumn was sliding on the asphalt, and I was on flopping like a rag doll. I stopped with my head lying on top of the curb.

Fortunately, traffic behind me stopped. Several kind folks got out and helped me get Autumn up and out of the roadway so I could survey the damage: Broken mirror, broken clutch lever, broken left rear tailight. Me? I'm ok. I jammed my left knee pretty good and my neck and left shoulder are sore. Thank God for a GOOD fullface helmet and full leathers. I have a spot on one boot about the size of a dime that got a little thin. I have a really small bit of roadrash where my glove rolled up a little during the slide right where it meets the arm of my leather jacket. Pretty fortunate I'd say.

Take a good look at the pictures of my helmet and consider: Are you wearing good gear? DOT/Snell rated helmet or a novelty? Full leathers or flips-flops, tank top and cut offs?

Ride Safe!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're ok, dropping a bike is never a good thing.
Praise God it wasn't any worse.

Aaron said...

Just goes to show that it's not a matter of IF you'll wreck, but WHEN. Looks like you managed to escape relatively unscathed. Motorcycles (and their parts) are easy to replace. Body parts, not so much.

Hope the bruising heals soon and you don't have to do any doctor visits!

Combatscoot said...

New tires and rain, a good combination for a fall. I always wished they'd let me buff new tires with a grinder when I was a mechanic. Would've helped in a couple instances.

irondad said...

Ouch! Did you slide out going in or accelerating out? Just curious, I guess. Glad you survived relatively intact except for pride, of course.

Allen Madding said...

John - Yea...Once I got home I thought "maybe I shoulda done a burn out in the parking lot before I left"

Dan - It seems like it was going in. Two lanes turning, a truck in the left lane next to me and I was in the right lane. I remember turning and leaning and then all hell broke loose. I don't think I had begun to throttle but I guess its possible. I more distinctly remembering it starting to go down and thinking "my wife is going to be pissed".

My knee is worknig a lot better today. Pride is still bruised :)

Giest said...

Oh no! So glad to hear that you are okay and I couldn't agree with you more about all the gear. Your helmet took quite a beating, but it certainly did it's job.

Oddly enough, it seems to take longer for the pride to heal then it does for anything else. ;)

Ride safe!

Biker Betty said...

Along with the others, I'm very glad to hear you're okay. That helmet took quite a beating. I use a full-faced shield myself.

I'm surprised they didn't warn you when you picked up the bike. Early in the spring I had to have my front tire replaced and they warned me to wear it in a little before fully trusting it. That it wouldn't be sticky at first.

Glad you're okay :)

Allen Madding said...

In review, I believe what happened was I began to roll back in the throttle before the bike was completely back upright (like you would do on dry pavement) and the minute I touched the throttle, the rear kicked out. Hard lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

I just got a bike on the 3rd and still breaking in the tires (and engine). Have to go back to the shop for them to install my frame sliders. I'm glad you are doing OK.

Allen Madding said...

Congrats Danny! I expect pictures :)

Lucky said...

Glad you're ok!