Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I've been informed using the phrase "Work to Ride, Ride to Work" is a trademark infringement by and requested to change the name of my blog immediately. Nice folks considering I'm endorsing riding motorcycles to work and that is supposedly what they're all about. Guess they have the corner on the market for commuting on motorcycles. Guys, I know you're reading this, kindly disassociate me and my blog from your organization. You don't seem like folks I care to be associated with in any manner. Thanks!

So I've changed the name of my blog back to the plain vanilla it was before. Hopefully I can use my own name without infringing on anyone's rights.

Always someone looking to make an issue these days.


Anonymous said...

I'm truly sorry you feel that way, Allen. It was not our intention to alienate or insult you in any way.

Ride to Work is an advocacy organization for ALL motorcycle commuters. Ride to Work Day is an international event. They were just protecting their trademark.

Remember when HD tried to patent the sound of a V-Twin cruiser?

Well, I've done what you asked, and removed your link, but I wish you would reconsider. As riders, we get enough hassle out there without turning on each other.

I'll still stop by and visit from time to time, and I'd like to think there were no hard feelings. Feel free to email any of us on that message I forwarded to you. We can work this out.

Ride well,

Aaron said...

Not to play the devil's advocate, Allen, but if a company/organiznation/person does not protect their trademarks then they eventually use the legal right to use it exclusively.

Aaron said...

er, eventually LOOSE...

Allen Madding said...

I hear where you're coming from Aaron. I honestly had no idea ANYONE had filed a claim on the term "Live to Ride, Ride to Work" (tm - Ride to Work, inc.). I read a post on Dave Dragon's site and that phrase was in a list. I told Dave I liked the phrase and wanted to use it. He said "go for it". So, I figured I was good to go. Now I don't know any standard routine to check something for copyright or trademarking, etc to make sure I'm really ok. But at the same time it's an online journal that 10 people read at day (I have the stats to prove it). So, it's not like I am a corporate threat selling T-shirts, but ok point taken.

Now to put things in context. I walk in from the garage after spending 5 hours working on the bike. My back aches, my knees hurt and I'm tired. I check my email and there's the email.

To Gary's point "remember when Harley tried to patent the sound of a V-Twin Cruiser"...that kind of goes against ridetowork, inc.'s point doesn't it? I mean Harley lost on that and the public saw it as a heavy handed tactic. And I agree we get enough hassle without turning on each other...which also seems to go against the point of busting my chops, but um ok.

When Gary linked my site on his site, this blog was called "Allen Madding's Musings". Gary linked it as "Allen Madding Rides to Work" which to me says he really wished I had something in the name to promote the fact I commute on my harley. So, I started looking for something to name it. I saw the listing on Dave's blog and the rest as they say is history (that phrase has to be trademarked. my appologies to the rights holders).

Did I over react at midnight when I wrote this posting? Probably. Do I think ridetowork, inc. overreacted to my blog name. Yes. Does it really matter? Probably not.

Point is from what I know of Gary, he is a well meaning pretty nice guy. My take on the rest of the guys involved isn't as high, but that is due to how I've met them (carrying a big stick and shaking it at me).

The funny thing in all this is this:
National Ride to Work Day they claim to hold the trademark. I'm thinking someone has bigger fish to fry than me.

But, I digress. No harm, no foul, Gary. Y'all are right, I am wrong, and I need to chill. I obviously just need to adjust my perspective.