Friday, January 12, 2007


It is all about persepective. Unfortunately, we get so caught up in our daily struggles we forget that things could be a whole lot worse. Aaron sums it up really well on his blog, read these two posts.

better than I deserve

I am Better than I Deserve

Kinda kicks me in the shin and readjusts my persective....make sure to read the comments in the "touchy" post as well.


Aaron said...

Wow. I'm popular. Thanks! ;)

Allen Madding said...

nah, thank you for fine tuning my attitude

Ally said...

Now if I could just read posts like that every single day, maybe I'd keep on track....

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm on "blunch" now, blogger's lunch, and finally had time to catch up. Allen, please check your email.

You have good friends here. I liked the blog postings you linked; Aaron, that is some real wisdom for everyday life.

Thanks for giving me food for thought.

Ride well,

Anonymous said...

I swear it was total coincidence that we posted on the same subject on the same day! How weird is that? I just now surfed over to your blog.


Tiff Fernie said...

Every once in a while Aaron has something worthwhile to read! HA HA just kidding ;)

I find it ironic that I think of how blessed I am every day and often reflect on that, yet so many times people don't allow time to think about themselves and their situation. I find that reflecting on my life and opportunities, it makes me more thankful and aware of others and their lives.