I Don't Mean to get on a Rant Here, But...

To borrow a line from an extremely popular political comedian, and someone's blog...

Recent air travel has had me thinking. With all the increased security to make American flyers safe from liquids, gels, shampoos, etc. and the increased screening of carry-on baggage, it is time for a change. I've spent the time in the aisle of the plane waiting for someone to beat and shove an bag that wasn't meant to fit in an overhead and then waited in the aisle for the same kind of bag to be extracated from the overhead. I've been hit in the head with stuff from the overhead bin and very recently witnessed an overhead bin fly open after take-off and watched as stuff started falling out on passengers sitting below it.

I think the FAA needs to revamp the carry-on restrictions. Currently you can carry on one piece of luggage and one personal item (purse, laptop, briefcase, attache', etc.) I propose keeping the one personal item and deleting the carry-on luggage. Do completely away with overhead bins. The waiting line time for screening would decrease because they have less bags to inspect. Boarding and de-boarding flight times would improve. And, the risk of some unsuspecting person getting hit in the head by someone else's luggage would be reduced.

Sure checked baggage can be a hassle from time to time, but it works the majority of the time just as the airlines do.

I've been touting this everytime I get on a plane. Evidentally, I'm not the original thinker on this topic ban the bins
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