Thursday, January 18, 2007

31 degrees and Freezing Rain

Nope, I didn't ride today. With the combination of freezing rain, the possibility of ice on bridges, and commuter traffic, I opted to cage it in this morning. The door handle was frozen over with ice as was the door edges and windshield. But never fear, I've averaged 12,000 miles a year riding Autumn year-round, so I'll be back at it shortly.

ride safe


Biker Betty said...

Our snow is slowly melting away. But just when we think we can get out on our motorycles another snow storm comes in. Like the one they're predicting for us this weekend, sigh.

Hope it melts quickly for you,
Betty :)

Kathleen Jennette said...

It is winter after all. I kinda like it, but I am getting a bit cold now, even in California we had a little snow in L.A. Freaked so many people out on the road. I do love the snow though and miss it.