It's Raining Again...

Saturday started out clear and cold (37 degrees F). I road 30 miles over to my men's dicipleship group. I figured it would warm up and be pretty nice by the time we concluded. It did warm up, but the wind picked up too. The ride home was 47 degrees, but I couldn't tell a real difference.

This morning I had to be in at Church by 7:15a (eek). It was clear and cold (43 degrees) and there was almost no traffic so the ride was enjoyable and quiet. By the time the service was over, it was raining and 38 degrees. Once again I REALLY like my Frogg Toggs rain gear. I concentrated on utilizing tire tracks in the highway for the driest spot in the lane and made my way home without incident. Thanks to the rainwear, I arrived dry as well.

ride safe

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