Good Motorcycle Reads

So what do you do when it is too cold or raining too hard to be out enjoying riding your motorcycle? Read about motorcycles of course :)

Here are a couple of books I have enjoyed reading over the last couple of years on motorcycles:

Leanings by Peter Egan

In case you have lived under a rock and do not know who Peter Egan is, he has written for Cycle World since 1977. Leanings is a collection of his tales from his failed attempt at a cross-country riding trip on a British Twin to his journey along the abandoned Route 66. Egan sprinkles in his frustrations at motorcycle maintenance. His humor and adventure makes it worth the read.

Leanings 2 by Peter Egan

Another grand collection of stories and adventures from a man who loves motorcycles and playing in a garage band.

The Old Man and the Harley by John J. Newkirk

In 1939, a nineteen year old man sets out on a Harley VL Big Twin to see the New York's World Fair and the San Francisco Golden Gate Exposition. Numerous mechanical issues crop up as do sudden suprises while camping in the woods crossing the United States.

Across America by Motor-Cycle (1922)

In 1929, a British Royal Air Force Captain, C. K. Shepherd set out to ride a motorcycle across the United States. At the time, the interstate system did not exist. In fact, a great deal of the highway system was dirt or gravel roads. Shepherd chronicled his adventure and kept a tally of how many times he had to rebuild the engine on his bike.

This story gives you grand appreciation for the interstate system we enjoy today and the realibilty we enjoy with modern day motorcycles.

These are few good reads that I have enjoyed. How about you? What have you been reading?

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