Funny How Times Change

For several years, if you went shopping for a motorcycle, the one thing you would not have been offered was a test ride. It was just a non-negotiable due to insurance issues. A few years ago, that began to soften a bit. Harley-Davidson dealers began to have "Demo Days" a couple times a year where they would put out eight or ten bikes and anyone with a valid motorcycle license could take a guided ride on any or all of the selected models.

With the economy tanking and sales of motorcycles at an all time low, test rides have been on a come back. Even Harley-Davidson dealers are advertising test rides and providing scheduling of test rides for potential customers. Harley-Davidson Try a Bike

Victory Motorcycles raised the stakes on test rides recently. Victory Test Ride Victory is making a $100 wager with potential customers. Take a test ride on one of their Victory models, then take a test ride from a competitor. If you buy the competitor's motorcycle, Victory will give you $100. Victory $100 Test Ride Challenge

If you are considering buying a motorcycle, I would suggest taking them up on their offer. They offer some good looking bikes and seem to have impressive performance. And even if you do not think you are remotely interested in buying a Victory, everyone could use $100, right?

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