Friday, March 11, 2011

And Then the Rains Stopped...

The weather guessers predicted rain this week, so begrudged, I commuted in the cage. One morning it was a deluge and traffic was horrendous, but by the afternoon the sun was out. And to add insult to injury I saw a couple motorcycles on the highway on the commute home. But I was holding on to the prediction that the rain would end Wednesday night and it would be clear, windy, and colder Thursday morning.

WRONG! I awoke Thursday morning to rain beating on the bedroom window. The first thought through my mind was I am not willing to fight metro traffic in this weather on the bike. So another commute in the cage. And again traffic was maddening, a 42 mile drive took and hour and 20 minutes. But at least I had time to pray for friends and family dealing with illness and co-workers suffering the loss of a friend.

This morning it was cloudy and 37F. That was all I needed. A Sweater under my riding leathers, a fleece scarf, and a insulated half mask under my fullface helmet and I was adequately prepared for the cooler temps.

Merging onto the highway seemed so effortless on the bike. Moving thru traffic was easier as well. I always marvel at the difference. Driving the pickup seems so clumsy when compared to riding a motorcycle. The bike has better throttle response, better maneuverability, and heck you feel so in tune with the world, so alive.

Arriving at the office, I could feel a lighter spirit and a smile. Therapeutic commuting I would say.

I stopped to get a cup of coffee before going up to the office and a guy in front of me greeted me. He noted I still had my Joe Rocket jacket on and asked, "Is that your Burgundy bike downstairs?" I acknowledged it was and an enjoyable conversation ensued. He rides dirt bikes and his girlfriends son has bought a 250 street bike and has been riding for 6 months with no license or training. This week the teenager announced he is selling the 250cc bike and buying a 929cc bike. Needless to say this gentleman is trying to convince the girlfriend that this is not the best idea in the world.

I suggested lobbying her to require the young man to attend motorcycle safety class and obtaining a motorcycle license. And, I submitted that a 600cc upgrade should be the next move not a 929. I added the situation to my prayer list as I remember my approach to driving when I was 16 and can only imagine what life would have been like if I had been allowed to have a motorcycle at that point in my life. It is only by the grace of God that I survived my teenage years as it is.


Learning to Golf said...

Good call Allen. I moved from a 175 Honda to a 250, to a 900 before I went to a MSF course. I had been hit twice by then. I had been down four other times because I didn't know any better. Since then I have been through a Goldwing, a 900 Suzuki, two MSF courses, my current Harley, and over 100,000 miles without a serious mishap. (knock on wood)

There is no subsitute for KNOWING what to do at the controls of a bike and there is NO such thing as having to lay a bike down. Training is the key to understanding this life saving concept.

redlegsrides said...

Yep, nothing like a motorcycle ride to get one whistling when one arrives at work....


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Mike said...

Amen to the grace of God being the reason for making it through the teenage years. I identify with your morning dilemma on whether to ride in the pouring rain. And when the weather is nice after many days of rain it's a glorious experience to ride. Nice post!

Brobrian said...

Funny, how similar things can be with just a few threads of connection. I have a short daily commute to work which I believe is what keeps me sane. After morning devotions which minister to my spirit, my morning rides seems to put me in the right mood to roll up my sleeves and face the day. Lately, I've been donning my Joe Rocket Jacket, and a full face helmet as well.
I'm enjoying you posts.