There is NO Offseason

As I was stowing my helmet this morning after completing my morning commute to work, a gentleman who had been sitting in a pickup in the next parking spot over got out and greeted me. In passing, he said, "This will probably be the last day for riding for a while." I laughed and replied, "Absolutely not!"

The last couple of weeks it was in the 30s and 40s in Atlanta, but since last Friday, we've had a warming trend that the weather-guessers say will be ending this weekend. So, until this past weekend, the number of other motorcycles out and about had significantly reduced to the point I could ride 60 miles and maybe encounter one other bike. When it warmed up over the weekend, you couldn't count the bikes on the roads around my home. But you can best bet that this weekend the majority of those motorcycles will be parked for the winter.

One bike that won't be parked for weeks on end sits in my garage. My love for riding doesn't end when the mercury drops. Atlanta has mild winters with temperatures hardly ever below 26, and we don't get the harsh and dangerous ice and snow that our friends in the North get. So why don't these other riders don some leathers and maybe some electric gloves and keep enjoying their motorcycles? I'm guessing for the same reason they only ride on the weekends instead of commuting. They're just riding for the show of it. Which would explain why they don't wear any protective gear.

If I'm stepping on any toes, let me urge you to consider full leathers, a full face helmet, and maybe even electric gloves and try riding some this winter. That favorite riding road will been abandoned and you'll have the whole thing to yourself to enjoy.

As for me, I'm looking forward to another good year of riding and commuting.

Be safe...

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