Rosie You're Alright....

(credit for song reference to Jackson Browne)

The good news...I now have a new fulltime job with a great bunch of folks. And...

I finally have the Road King I have talked about for the last year (or more lol). I made the trade Thursday afternoon. Rosie is a 2005 Harley Davidson Road King Custom, and I couldn't be happier. The differences are unending. I really like that she doesn't struggle going up a hill on the highway and the ride is like floating down the road - a very comfortable bike. As we are in cold weather, the fuel injection system is a huge plus as well.

The increased amount of lighting is also cool. The rear turn signals are combined with the taillight, so from the rear there are three red brake lights and running lights. From the front the huge headlight is accompanied by two running lights. It should be a lot more visible and that should prevent the cage drivers from running over me right? NOT. This morning on my ride to my discipleship group, I encountered a construction van that made a quick swerving lane change (no signal of course) into my lane (I was in the turn lane to get on the interstate). I had to make a quick manuever to avoid a hard collision. The quick throttle response helped in getting out of the mess. I'm convinced there isn't much we can do to prevent these kinds of things, so we have to be expecting it and have a planned escape route.

Happy riding folks!

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