I Don't Mean to get off on Another Rant Here, but...

Last winter I pulled into a Krystals for a couple bite size burgers and a warm cup of coffee on a cold day. I ordered and the employee responded "we're out of coffee". I said "oh no problem. I'm dining in, I'll wait while you make a fresh pot." The gal then said "well we'll only make decaf." And I thought to myself "it's cheap! What I'll pay for one cup will cover the expense of the whole pot!" I finally got my cup of coffee and noted the corporate gripe line number on the door on my way out. I made the call and Kudos to Krystal corporate. Someone actually called me back and sent me a coupon for free food.

But it's not just Krystals. I have discovered its a trend. Despite it being below 50 degrees outside, a lot of places that normally serve coffee decide they don't need to have any made after breakfast. Come on folks as the mercury drops people get chilled and don't want to drink iced drinks with their meal. Its not rocket science here.

What brings this back to mind it yesterday my wife and I stopped to get a slice of pizza while out Christmas shopping. We popped into one of our favorite pizza places and ordered. I asked the server "do y'all have any coffee". And I got this puzzling response, "I don't know. If Anthony was working we would." She goes to the kitchen and comes back to report they don't have any coffee. Ok, so the initial response indicated to me they own a coffee maker since Anthony makes coffee when he works. So, why wouldn't someone be motivated to say "I'll make a fresh pot and we'll bring you out a cup in a few minutes"??? Instead she just eliminated the option.

Come on folks a little customer service isn't too much to ask is it? Considering how much food is tossed out over the course of a day in most establishments, it can't be too much to ask to make a pot of coffee for a customer requesting a cup. When winter rolls in the sell of warm beverages typically increases unless the servers refuse to accomodate. If you go an inch out of the way, the customer will come back. It's a pretty novel idea :)

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