Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Georgia Drought is Real

Here are some pictures from my impromtu trip yesterday to Mary Alice Park at Lake Lanier

If you look thru the pictures you'll notice the orange floats that once marked the farthest point out into the water for the designated swim line are now sitting on dirt a good 20-30 feet from what is now the edge of the water.

Also you'll see what was once a submerged shell of a burned boat is now well above the water line as are a plethora of tires, concrete blocks, cans and bottles.

Irony prevails. I even saw "NO Wake" Buoys lying on dirt 30-40 feet from the water's edge.

Current estimates are that it could take as long as three years of average rainfall for Lake Lanier to return to its previous level.


Aaron said...

Preaching to the choir here. :D

irondad said...

So how are you affected personally with water at home? Is it just me or is this a strange time of year to have a drought?

Allen Madding said...

We haven't had any adverse implications other than total watering bans and increased water prices. I constructed a rain barrel, cut a down-spout on the gutters so part of the gutter system now drains into the rain barrel. And, we are trying to be a lot more water conscious.

You'd think as technically advanced as out society is that we would have revised our basic plumbing schemes by now. All the water we use in sinks could be used to flush toilets....

It's a really odd time for a drought. This is typically the time of year when lakes and such are being replenished.