Sunday, July 03, 2011

Venezuela Recap

Sorry for all the post with no pictures, the internet access at the hotel was just not up for it. But here are a host of pictures to catch you up on the experience.

 I was amazed to see so many motorcycle cops in Venezuela. Most are riding dual sports like this officer who gladly agreed to a photo.

Allison's birthday was Monday while we were in Venezuela. The staff at Project Jonas suprised her with flowers and a cake. The girls on our team also suprised her with a cake, so everyone enjoyed a lot of delicious cake.

Some of the electrical issues I was greeted with upon arrival...

There were about 20-24 outside light fixtures that looked something like this:

We managed to get three rebuilt to look like this:

Here's Allison painting:

Here's the concrete pad in progress:

EPA - the daily building supply adventure:


RichardM said...

Nice pictures. Those electrical boxes looked pretty rough. Nice that you and the rest of your team was willing to invest your time and energy so far from home.

Are you back home now?

Allen Madding said...


Yes sir, we arrived home at 2am this morning. Still unwinding.


Keith - Circle Blue said...

Good on you for giving of your talents.

Glad you are safe home.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Allan:

Now I am curious... Since thre was a building supply place close at hand, were the fixtures stolen from these facilities, or never installed by unscrupulous contractors?

It was nice that you dedicatrd your time and talent to correcting problems that would have eventually gotten people electrocuted.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Allen Madding said...


It appeared that the original fixtures had been damaged over time and someone repaired them with temporary pigtail screw-in bulb receptacles. Either that or that's how the were originally installed. Either way half of them worked and the ones that did gave very little light compared to a zippo lighter.

There is no building or electical code there so it seems it is a free for all.

I attempted to provide long term solutions. Hopefully they will last.