Venezuela Day 6

Thursday we avoided the trip to Epa and went straight to the farm. Another group went to Epa for additional supplies.

Allison assisted the bathroom remodeling team with painting, I assisted Carlos with laying concrete block on the trash enclosure. Carlos and I had worked the electrical project for the water pump together and worked together on pouring the concrete pad.

Carlos speaks no English and I know only a very limited Spanish vocabulary. So much of this week he has repeated the same sentence numerous times that could not understand and then we would play charades to communicate.

My grandfather was pretty good at laying block and when I was growing up, I carried a lot of block for him and learned the process well. So when I was carrying block for Carlos this morning, he quickly figured out I knew something about the process.

One of our group that speaks both Spanish and English walked out while we were working, so we got to use an interpreter for a bit. Carlos wanted to know if I was a block layer. I said no. He then asked why I knew how to mix mud and how to lay out the first run of block. So, I had the interpreter explain. He smiled and responded that I was good help. I took the compliment with high regard from someone skilled and as hard working as he has been this week.

After lunch with the boys, the supplies arrived and I began replacing pole mounted exterior light fixtures and cleaning up some more wiring issues. I finished it up just before sundown and got to see the fruit of my labor when they turned on the lighting at dark.

Our team had some pretty ambitious projects this week, but it has all turned out quite well. We are pleased with the results.

The boys and staff at the farm fed us dinner and threw us a fiesta complete with dancing. We returned to the hotel around 10pm had a brief team meeting, and then I got to get a shower.

Off to bed, we have to be up at 3:30am tomorrow.

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