Stuff Tony Says

Last year our company hired a new consultant to add to our staff. When I am in the office, we are all sitting pretty closely together and can hear each others conversations quite plainly. The bosses designed it that way so others can assist when someone is working on a problem on the phone with a client.

The new guy was working on an issue with a client on the phone, and the rest of us were not paying much attention to him as we were all intent on issues of our own. As he concluded the call, he said "Have a Successful Day."

I stopped what I was doing and looked up. I then looked at my co-worker next to me and said, "what did Tony just say?" And about the same time, 7 other consultants all looked up and said, "Did he just say - have a successful day?" And the office errupted in laughter.

We knew that this guy's gift of small talk, or as he calls it, "life between reboots", that pregnant time while waiting for a computer to start back up, was going to be a point of humor for the office.

He has not let us down. With phrases like, "Is your unit on the floor?" and "I've lost my action", Tony has kept us all amused.

One of my other co-workers elected to share the Tony-isms with the rest of the world to brighten your day. Be sure to check out:

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