Friday, June 12, 2009


Microsoft will find an answer to my Probler. I feel better!


fasthair said...

That can't even be considered a typo since the R key isn't even close to the M key. I just looked and mine is spelled proper.

What do you think of Windows 7? I've been running it for six months and really like. I'm using it at work and home both and neither machine has ran better or more stable or faster. I've never used Vista so it was quite a change coming from XP. But after all this time with 7 I can't see ever loading XP again. I think MS got this one right.


mq01 said...

LOL! oh microsoft... ive been having nothing but problems with MS so i have no words other than; LOL!

Allen Madding said...

Actually, this image was caused by a small issue when Microsoft Windows 7 loaded on this particular laptop, it did not have a driver for the video card so it loaded the defaul 640x480 resolution which cut off the "M" and so it looks like an "r". But funny.

I am very impressed with Windows 7 and think it will probably erase memories of Windows Vista in the next 12 months. I've been running it in a Virtual PC and can't come up with any complaints. In fact, my testing Windows 7 convinced me to install IE 8 on my work and home systems. We have three guys at work who took the full plunge and loaded it on their laptops. One of those three hated Vista with a sugar-coated passion and as of this afternoon is singing the praises of Windows 7.

Your mileage may vary


Ann said...

Good ol' Microsoft.

Lucky said...

Hello! An unrelated comment, but I finally tried Cap'n Crunch with chocolate milk.

Darn you, now I'll never be able to enjoy Cap'n Crunch with plain milk again.

Aaron said...

I can't believe you're advocating installing IE8 over Firefox. Surely you jest.

Allen Madding said...

I've carefully scanned this post and my responses. I haven't mentioned firefox anywhere :)