Blue Ball

My work carried me to Pennsylvania this week. Much to my suprise beyond the horse and buggies and the grain silos, this is motorcycle country. Obviously the state of Pennsylvania does not have a helmet law as many of the bikers I encountered were lidless. I am guessing the state does not have muffler law either as the Harleys and the sports bikes were all loud and proud.

While performing my work in Pennsylvania, I discovered quite by happenstance that a small community existed in Lancaster County, named Blue Ball. At first I thought someone was making a bit of jest, but low and behold folks, it truly exist. Blue Ball is in the middle of Amish countryside.

Blue Ball is home to Blue Ball Fire Company which was established in 1909. They have an impressive array of apparatus and served by an all volunteer force. My hat is off to the volunteers of this company. You should visit their website: and support them by buying a shirt: You can sleep well at night knowing these brave folks are keeping Blue Ball safe.

Someone evidently has a sense of humor in the area, a few miles away also in Lancaster county another community exists, Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Draw your own conclusions.

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