The say you Can't go Home...

I spent last weekend racking up 32 hours in overtime and worked until I just felt like I couldn't move this past week. I REALLY needed a chance to depcompress. Can you say Bike Ride? Sure you can. I kinda like the way your face gets all scrunched up when you say that! This morning after my discipleship group meeting concluded I hit the highway. It was a little chilly and was drizzling. By the time I hit the southside of Atlanta the drizzle had stopped and the sun was trying to peek out. A few hours later I was riding thru southwest Georgia - the area where I grew up. One of my favorite road side sights is Parrott, Georgia.Yes, there really is a town named Parrott in Georgia. Several years ago they did a refresh of the little train depot the town had making it the town's welcome center. The small downtown is gorgeous and full of small shops. In all the years I have rode thru Parrot on the highway, I have always commented on the appeal of the town's appearance. But as of yet I have not ever made time to stop and explore it. Today was another day when I just could not spare the time as I had to be back in Atlanta this evening. I'll have to make a trip back this way sometime.

I had set out on this day trip to make a suprise visit to my brother's house. I knew he had a ton of work to do and would be in his shop all weekend, so it made it easy to surprise him with a drop in visit.I enjoyed a 3 hour visit with him and managed to get to visit briefly with my Mom as well before I had to get back on the highway headed home. After stopping on the highway for dinner, I made it home around 10pm, tired, but mentally refreshed.

Total trip: 534 miles

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