Monday, March 19, 2007

Facing the Giants

"From the award winning producers of FLYWHEEL, comes an action-packed drama about a Christian high school football coach who uses his undying faith to battle the giants of fear and failure. In six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never led his Shiloh Eagles to a winning season. After learning that he and his wife Brooke face infertility, Grant discovers that a group of fathers are secretly organizing to have him dismissed as head coach. Devastated by his circumstances, he cries out to God in desperation. When Grant receives a message from an unexpected visitor, he searches for a stronger purpose for his football team. He dares to challenge his players to believe God for the impossible on and off the field. When faced with unbelievable odds, the Eagles must step up to their greatest test of strength and courage. What transpires is a dynamic story of the fight between faith and fear. Facing the Giants is a powerful experience for the whole family inspiring viewers to live with faith, hope, and love!"

As I grew up 30 miles south of Albany, when I heard a church in Albany made a film, I was somewhat skeptical of the quality. I was pleasantly surprised and we thoroughly enjoyed this film. It will challenge you as it deals with some hard questions of faith. If God doesn't answer your prayer the way you want it answered, will you still love and server him? What is too big for God?

It is available for rental or purchase on DVD. I highly recommend it.


Biker Betty said...

That sounds like a great movie. I will have to see if it's available for rent in Colorado. We have to realize that God doesn't answer our prayers the way we expect. He answers our prayers the way He has planned. Great post.

Ally said...

Funny how we expect God to limit Himself to our expectations:) I'll have to check this movie out.

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie Facing the Giants and totally disagree with all of the hype.

This movie tells the viewer all you have to do is believe in God and you will get a raise, a stranger will donate a new car, a infertile man will father a child, you will win at everything you do, people will love you everywhere you go, lame will walk, you will become rich and famous.

Sorry, but that is not God, that is Santa Claus. God never promised us a rose garden. He also never promised that our lives, our circumstances, our problems would change. The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ – not money, cars, winning and pregnancy.

This is a sad case of humanism being replaced for God. In effect, non Christians who watch this film, and expect their lives to change and “get all the goodies” will be greatly disillusioned. In fact this movie might be a tool for Satan, and I believe it is therefore a satanic film.

It is sad such a pathetic humanistic excuse for satanic propaganda. The writers, directors and actors should be aware that their false worldly portrayals are helping Satan not God. This is one viewer who is greatly saddened by this horrible, false teaching.