Volunteer Management 101

An employee needs the paycheck to pay the rent, the mortgage, the car payment, student debt, the credit card bill, the utilities, and a host of other bills.

Volunteers, on the other hand are not motivated by a paycheck to stick it out when the manager is chewing someone out or things get uncomfortable.

The volunteer is simply motivated by making a difference and being a part of the organization. Their commitment hinges on how vested they are with the vision and purpose of the organization. When it gets to be too much of a hassle to serve, when they begin to feel unappreciated, when they feel the commitment is too demanding, they will walk away - usually without any warning or explanation.

With several decades of experience between them, Madding and King share insights on how to manage these valuable resources in your organization.

What people are saying:

 "With colorful 'from the trenches' stories, this book reminds us that the key to good volunteer management is good leadership—casting vision, offering hope, and ensuring that all feel valued for the work that they do." - Rebecca Davis PhD ACFRE CFRE, Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

 "I appreciated the book and believe it should be used as a vital training source for many volunteer organizations." - Rick Slark, Consultant, Speaker, Writer
 "Volunteer Management 101 is just what I needed.  It has really motivated me to think more deeply about the role I play in leading a group of volunteers in a church ministry, and not take them for granted.  I need to not only encourage and equip them, but also lead by example.  This book is full of practical examples of how to be an effective and caring leader, communicated in a very easy to understand format.  Highly recommended!" - Alan McCain, Church Volunteer Leader

 This publication is a vital tool in the hands of every organisation that needs the support and input of volunteers. Allen Madding and Dan King have shed new light on the tremendous value that people add to other's lives and their own, when serving humanity. The advice on managing and guiding volunteers is extremely practical, with excellent biblical examples of correct or incorrect leadership skills. Using sound biblical wisdom, the interaction between leaders and volunteers is elevated to the correct status in organisations.Volunteers need to be seen and appreciated. They are invaluable. 'Volunteer Management 101' is summed up in the wise words of the theologian and humanitarian, Albert Schweitzer: ‘The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others’- Laura Kirsten, Fundraiser and Public Liaison, Hospice East Rand, Benoni, South Africa
 "Excellent read with a ton of well-researched info and practical tips to keep your greatest resource: volunteers!! As someone who has managed employees, I know that managing volunteers is a whole different ball game. This book helped me to see errors in my own management and how I can fully engage the people who work for free because of their passion for the organization and it’s cause. I highly recommend this book!" - Priska Jordan, Writer, Blogger, Volunteer
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