Allen Madding is a follower of the way, author, traveler, Atlanta Braves and Dallas Cowboys fan, old truck restorer, and an information technology professional who lives in Thomasville, GA. He grew up in rural South Georgia where he developed a love for hunting, fishing, putting peanuts in a Coca-Cola, and racing cars. He raced short track stock cars for nine years and has written for Speedway Media and Insider Racing News. He is a retired volunteer firefighter/NREMT-I and fancies himself as a storyteller and a guitar strummer.

He is always up for a road trip and a hot cup of truck stop coffee. He feels at home in wide open spaces, hiking in the woods, walking on the beach listening to the ocean's tide, watching the sunset over a cypress lined pond, and relishes the smell of honeysuckle and the sound of the wind through the pines.

He loves a medium rare steak, cheeseburgers, blackberry cobbler, bourbon and Coke, boiled peanuts from a roadside stand, and a hotdog and beer at a baseball game while heckling the opposing team and keeping the umpire honest. He roots for the underdog and has learned how to say "I'm sorry". He believes that Dale Earnhardt was the greatest driver to ever compete in NASCAR, that Chevrolet is the heartbeat of America, and that Ford is a four letter word.

He says "Yes, Sir" and "No Ma'am" and prays before a meal. He believes that scars are the original tattoos and has a collection of both that remind him where he has been and help to keep him headed in the right direction.

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