Summer of '82



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Thomasville, GA

A coming-of-age YA story that is as hauntingly authentic as it is deeply thought-provoking.

Enjoy another surprise of versatility from strong minded and mature thinking author Madding. This time we get a grand trip back into the fabulous America of southwestern Georgia in 1982. Following the day to day lives of small town teens you’ll enjoy the high school love triangle where favorable women must have been in short supply. It happens. Fantastic is the memory of muscle cars, bullies, fishing, ready use of firearms, friendship when it really mattered and meant something, and the simple life of bounty and abundance from God. Amusing is the graduation trip to the redneck Riviera and the wild parties at the beach. This is a quintessential period piece both endearing and subtly instructional as to the good life. This tale is poignant for the lessons and consequences of anger and envy that effect time and space. This is the real America of the early 80s, and I was there to know the specifications. This is written with clarity, southern charm and with a vise grip of memory that will take you to a time where word was like iron. This author continues to amaze his readers with original books of great writing and subtle intelligent messages of soul empowerment. - W. Boone HedgepethAuthor of Wild Willful Heart 

The summer of 1982 in Whitiker County in Southwest Georgia was another hot and dry season. The best friends, Ricky, Jimmy, and Buck, are ready to graduate from high school and step into adulthood. But when the lovely Jenny catches both Jimmy and Buck’s eye, Ricky has a bad feeling about the whole thing. Soon, Ricky’s fears come true. Madding’s storytelling is entertaining, and readers will laugh out loud at the boys’ adventures and sympathize with their heartbreaks and failures. As enjoyable as all the characters may be, the standout character of the book is Ricky, whose grounded, sensible nature will have readers rooting for him throughout. While the storyline is intriguing, what sets this novel apart is how beautifully Madding explores the boys’ vulnerabilities, hopes, and passions while delving into themes of love, young adult drama, friendship, mistakes, and regrets. Setting his tale against the quaint backdrop of the forgotten South of the 1980s, Madding skillfully weaves together multiple story strands to create a poignant coming-of-age tale. This is a page-turner. - The Prairies Book Review

...If you love slice-of-life stories about friendship and growing up in small towns, you'll love Summer of '82. T. Allen Madding perfectly captures the slow-paced life of people living in the deep south. The early 80s backdrop adds a sense of nostalgic flavor to the proceedings, making the narrative feel authentic and engaging to read. The narrative is character-driven, and as such, the pacing is deliberately slow. The author takes his time setting up the plot and slowly fleshes out the characters to immerse the reader deeper into the story. Ricky, Jimmy, and Buck's friendship forms the bedrock of the narrative and propels it forward. I thoroughly enjoyed their banter, and the dynamic between the three was one of my favorite aspects of the book. Recommended to readers who love young adult coming-of-age stories. - Readers’ Favorite

A Southern-accented novel about a youthful love triangle and its lasting consequences...
- K
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