Shaken Awake

"If a homeless man froze to death on the steps of a church, what would it change?"

“Shaken Awake!” is the story of a church in downtown Atlanta, Georgia faced with a dwindling and aging congregation that has been forced to shut down the majority of their building and dismissed much of its staff. With limited funds, they shutter all of their ministries and programs leaving only a couple adult Sunday School classes and a Sunday morning worship service. When a homeless man freezes to death on the steps of their sanctuary, the church begins to re-examine their mission and priorities.


What people are saying:

"A short eye-opening account of a homeless man dying on the steps of a church in downtown Atlanta . . . a not-too-unlikely prospect actually . . . having lived on the south side of the city back in the '80s. even then there was plenty of suffering to be seen . . . and now, I don't even want to be caught trying to DRIVE through that crazy metropolis . . . the message that Allen Madding brings, though is one for all Christians in America . . . one for every single one of us, who are called to minister to the least of these, our brothers and sisters, for when we clothe or feed them, we are feeding Christ himself . . . we get all caught up in whether or not we are perpetuating the problem, when that is not ours to ponder . . . it is ours to ACT, to LOVE, to GIVE . . . for Jesus, Our Lord works out the details . . . Do I fail? Yes . . . Does God give me another chance to be His hands and feet? Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank you, Allen Madding for this short story and reminder of what should be BASIC to the Christian faith and message . . ." - Debbie,  Toney, Alabama

"Madding's powerful use of paradox between those who have and those who have not is a major component driving his narrative."

"This is the perfect story to get people motivated to make a difference in the live of others. Easy, quick book with a solid purpose." - Jeannette Ringeisen, Director Feed St. Pete

"I am not ashamed to admit some wet eyelids as I read the story. But wet eyelids ain’t worth squat if they don’t lead to action. I plan to investigate what is and can be done here. And you?"
- Bill Grandi,

"A thought provoking book written by a man with a passion for others." - Dawn Lott

"Reading Allen’s book made me ask myself 'is that enough, what else can we do – what else can I do?' I encourage you to get a copy and answer questions for yourself."
- Steven Vore,

"This is just the kind of wake up call that the modern church needs." - Rick Waters

"I enjoyed this book; it really makes you think about how we walk around blindly in our daily lives."
-Ann Rice

"I found Allen's book to be a very compelling story and helped me to think deeply about how my faith should work itself out in real life." - Alan McCain

"Madding's book is one that causes us to take a step back and evaluate why we do the things we do and challenges us to not only remember, but to live out the things we say we believe. I believe it's a must read." - Michael Perkins

"This book really speaks to me right now as I am about 48 hours from being homeless myself. I liked how the church was moved to act after the passing of a stranger not even a member of the congregation. Hopefully many will read this book and realize we're all a life changing moment away from disaster and that we all need faith, love, compassion and even some good ol fashioned luck. Great read." - Marcus Gurley

"This is a short book, quick and easy to read. But it packs a poignant message. What is to be the mission of the church? What is to be the mission of each one of us who sit in pews each Sunday" Joanne Viola

“Shaken Awake” by Allen Madding is a wonderfully written book, and although it may be fictional, it is truly an inspiration. Allen Madding has interwoven into this book characters representative of not only the people that have touched his life, but those to whom we can all surely relate.
The characters are well developed; they will pull you in and keep you wondering what is going to happen next. You will see an old neighborhood church that has slowly been declining in membership from 500 people down to a very small number due to an aging population. The small group of people leftover is about to get “shaken awake” as the author suggest in his title!
The church board had been getting relaxed in their ways, feeling no need to change - until the minister gets a late night call that no one is expecting, and now everything is about to change. One late morning Alvin and Phil, members of the church, run into each other at lunch and the two discuss the events of that night. Alvin realizes that he was angry with Phil’s response and the discussion ends, but leaves them both wondering what are they supposed to do next.
This book will take you on a journey that will awaken you to what is really important and hopefully inspire each of us to answer that call of that inner voice. It can come from a telephone call like Bob the minister received, or from a simple feeling that something that needs to be done. I always think passion can lead the way to our hearts desires and sometimes to the desire and needs of others.
I am always fascinated when a book like “Shaken Awake” by Allen Madding finds its way into my life. I do not believe in coincidences, but I do believe in miracles, especially small ones. I am inspired by the work that people are willing to do when a real need shows up and a community finds out about it. That is what this book is about, people needing people and help showing up! I encourage you to read this book - you will not be disappointed! - ReaderViews

"I loved the book! Allen and I have been e-mail and Facebook Friends for years! We found that, although we have never spent any time together in person, we have a number of mutual friends. Allen encouraged me through many years of Prison Ministry, and through my journey from a career in Engineering to the Pulpit of a United Methodist Church. Shaken Awake is a wake-up call for churches that have retreated into the safety and security of their sanctuary and are sitting in a circle looking inward instead of looking outward to the lost and lonely people on the outside of those church walls! A thought provoking and easy to read book! Well done my friend, Well Done!" - Ben Walker

"Shaken Awake is a short novel that you can read in one sitting, but it is packed with a poignant message that will engross your attention from the first paragraph to the last. For instance, it will give you a new perspective about the homeless and less fortune in the society. The dilemma that the church finds itself in can also help modern churches to come up with new ways of ensuring that they preach the true gospel of Christ and paint a positive image of the religion to the community and the world as a whole." - SeriousReading

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