the new murder mystery from Allen Madding!

Whose turn will it be next?

In her work as a loan processor at Sunshine City Bank in Saint Petersburg, Colleen Smithwick has always found it hard to cope with the increasing pressures of work–suffering myopic and tyrannical loan officers while grinding through unreasonable deadlines. She plays the part of a committed wife well, but a restlessness weighs heavy on her mind. When murders of two high-officials rock the bank, Colleen becomes enamored with the lead detective investigating the case.

It’s Detective Gary Black’s job to see the risk in every situation, but he is unaware of the danger surrounding his own life. Since the time he first met Colleen, he has felt a strange attraction for her, the attraction that leads him into a world of dark secrets, throwing him into the path of a psychopathic killer. He must do whatever it takes to solve the case. That is, if he can stay ahead in the game.

Who is in danger? Who is in control? In this devilishly gripping thriller, nothing is what it seems on the surface.

"Murder, robbery, and a long-legged employee shake up a Florida bank’s loan division. In Madding’s murder mystery, loan processor Colleen Smithwick packs a pistol, wears stilettos, drives a Maserati, and finds married life boring. Alex, her devoted husband of 15 years, seems glued to his recliner. So when Colleen and police detective Gary Black meet-cute when he investigates the murder of one of the bank’s loan officers, she soon sends the handsome, blond, divorced man racy selfies,  including one of her dragon-tattooed upper thigh (plus just a hint of a black thong). The stabbing death of loan officer Richard Shiver in the bank’s parking lot hardly bothers Colleen, who tells Gary that she’s on a long list of murder suspects, which includes anyone who ever had to deal with the victim. Within days of the killing, a robbery takes place at the bank, and then another employee is found dead. But work on approving loans basically goes on uninterrupted, and Colleen balances her pull to Gary with an attraction to a female co-worker..." - Kirkus Reviews

"I honestly had no idea what the conclusion would be until the very end. This was so well written & suspenseful -- you'll be shocked! It's a good rainy day read. You'll definitely want to read it in one sitting." - Priska Jordan

"First off this has a great title and book cover picture. This aggressive tale was a surprise 220 volt jolt from Christian author Madding. Proof of a believer’s savvy, this 100 page crime mystery has grand characters of visceral color and attitude, moves fast, and has a comic undertone of karmic parody that entertains. The main character is Colleen Smithwick a middle aged hellion of a loan processor in a St. Pete Florida busy bank. This fabulous b#$*@ carries a pistol and drives a Maserati with more attitude than a bitter Yankee HOA president looking for petty infractions. Fellow loan processors and employees of the bank start dying so the Feds and cops are on the scene. Any one of the overworked and angry staff could be the killer. There are more possible love triangles than a geometry textbook. There is plenty of gun play and the action is succinct and layers of clues are thrown around with skill. Things are not what they seem with the charming ending of this dark comedy of cross vs. double cross. We get the final OMG realization of cascading reaping that can only compare to all things coming down in America since January 2021. Super highs accolades for the main character and the ending, which causes surprise reflection of the story mechanics infused from the beginning. The book shows fantastic facetious and quippy momentum that reminds one of the early episodes of the TV show Dexter." - W. Boone Hedgepeth author of Wild Willful Heart 


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